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Free web hosting and site building service using a form based creation tool. Subscription to the service is entirely free.

The service includes:

-up to 10 pages
-menu creation
-picture storage
-site builder tool
-graphics libraries
-promotion tools

If you are not sure if you need a web site check the Design FAQ which provides some suggestions for web site content.

Building a web site is so easy it may seem like your computer is building the site for you.

free.bm is a free do-it-yourself web hosting service dedicated to the people of Bermuda.

No previous training required and no need to call a programmer to create or make changes to your site.

Check out our sample site http://sherlock.free.bm for a restaurant called Sherlock Holmes Restaurant.

All web page addresses at free.bm are short and easy to remember.

Check out our Information site at http://info.free.bm and our FAQ site at http://faq.free.bm.

If you want to test drive the edit/change facilities login to our Live Demo page and in the login box for existing web sites in the bottom left corner specify the domain "play" and the password "play".

The creation tool was completed in January 2001 using Perl and HTML.
Transfered from Verio server to standalone server December 2003
Transfered from alone server to pair.com server May 2004.
As of January 2005 the service hosts over 1000 web sites.
Copyright 2007 Andrew Beek  beek.info