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Associate in Reinsurance

Insurance Institute of America • 720 Providence Road • P.O. Box 3016 • Malvern, PA 19355-0716 • (800) 644-2101

An Educational Program for Reinsurance and Insurance Professionals

The Associate in Reinsurance (ARe) program is designed for everyone whose job duties or professional interests involve reinsurance. The ARe program was developed by the Insurance Institute of America with the support of the reinsurance section of the CPCU Society and with technical and financial assistance from the Brokers & Reinsurance Markets Association.

What the ARe Program Can Do for You

The ARe program can help you to:

  • Improve your reinsurance skills. You will understand the terms, pricing, and placement for reinsurance treaties and facultative certificates and develop the skills to design a reinsurance program.

  • Increase your knowledge of insurance. You will broaden your understanding of insurance. The Chartered Property Casualty Underwriter (CPCU) courses in the ARe program complement your study of reinsurance.

  • Meet continuing education needs. Some states grand CE credits for passing the national exams leading to the ARe designation. For more information contact Customer Service.

  • Gain a competitive advantage. The ARe designation is recognized as a prestigious accomplishment. Earning the ARe designation will exemplify your commitment to professionalism.

  • Satisfy the CPCU Related Studies requirement. ARe 141 or 142 satisfies this requirement for the CPCU program.

ARe Courses

We recommend students study ARe 141 before ARe 142

ARe 141—Principles of Reinsurance—covers:

  • Structure of the insurance and reinsurance businesses
  • Agency and its responsibilities
  • Underwriting
  • Insurance coverages
  • Types reinsurance
  • Reinsurance program design
  • Claims practices
  • Reinsurance audits
  • Financial analysis
  • Reinsurance regulation

ARe 142—Reinsurance Practices—covers:

  • Fundamentals of contracts
  • Reinsurance program design and placement
  • Insurance and reinsurance pricing
  • Common treaty clauses
  • Quota share treaties
  • Surplus share treaties
  • Property per risk excess of loss treaties
  • Casualty excess of loss treaties
  • Catastrophe treaties and modeling
  • Aggregate excess treaties

CPCU 5—Insurance Operations—covers:

  • Marketing
  • Distribution systems
  • Underwriting
  • Loss control
  • Premium auditing
  • Reinsurance
  • Ratemaking
  • Claims practices

CPCU 8—Accounting and Finance—covers:

  • The accounting process
  • Applied accounting and finance
  • Analytical tools for financial decision making

One way you can prepare for ARe studies is to complete Pictorial, Inc.'s short, workbook-style course, Reinsurance Basics. Although not a prerequisite for ARe studies, Reinsurance Basics gives you a head start by introducing basic reinsurance terms and concepts in an easy-to-read format you can complete in just a few hours. For more information, call Pictorial, Inc. at  (317) 872-7220.

Earning the ARe Designation

You can earn the ARe designation by passing the following four exams: ARe 141, Principles of Reinsurance; ARe 142, Reinsurance Practices; CPCU 5, Insurance Operations; and CPCU 8, Accounting and Finance.

Examination Schedule

CPCU examinations are given via computer the February 15 through
March 15 and August 15 through September 15 testing windows.  CPCU
paper-and-pen exams are given in January and June.

ARe 141 / 142: Last paper-and-pen exam, January 2001. 
Computer-administered exams begin May 15 through June 15, 2001; exams will be
computer-administered in all subsequent windows.

Computer-delivered exams are administered during four month-long testing
windows. The exam periods are November 15 through December 15; February 15

March 15; May 15 through June 15; and August 15 through September 15.

For specific information regarding exam dates, locations, or other
exam-related matters, please call Customer Service at (800) 644-2101 or log onto
our Web site at www.aicpcu.org.


Learn Your Way

You can take a class, form or join a study group, or study independently to prepare for the national exams. Contact us to request your free copy of the Preparation Handbook-A Guide to CPCU and IIA Study, which provides tips for preparing for the national exam.

For More Information

About the content of the ARe program, contact Connor Harrison, CPCU, ARe, AIAF, AU, AAM, ARP, at (610) 644-2100, ext. 7557, or e-mail harrison@cpcuiia.org.

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