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Often mistaken for a Caribbean island, Bermuda is actually located 1000 km off the east coast of the United States in that part of the Western Atlantic known as the Sargasso Sea. Bermuda was created by volcanic eruptions along the Mid-Atlantic Ridge about 100 million years ago. Its travel appeal lies equally in its tropical island beauty, complete with pink sand beaches, crystal-clear waters, combined with perfectly manicured gardens, as with its British charms that lend Bermuda a decidedly more formal approach to island living. Think cricket matches, afternoon tea, and genteel hospitality accompanying spectacular ocean views.

Bermuda takes its name from the Spanish sea captain Juan de Bermúdez, who sighted the uninhabited islands either in 1503. In 1609 Admiral Sir George Somers was en route from England with supplies for the recent British settlement at Jamestown, Virginia, when his ship, Sea Venture, was wrecked off Bermuda. Finding it a rather pleasant place to be washed up, the admiral built replacement ships of fine Bermuda cedar, sailed off and left a couple of men behind to establish a British claim to the islands.

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